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  • Glutax Kito Enzyme Juice

    Product details

    Ingredients List:
    Pineapple Juice, Prune Juice, Frutafit IQ (inulin), KiOtransine (Plant chitin and glucan), Vitamin C, Lotus Leaf extract, Green tea extract, Hawthorn berry extract, Cassia Seed extract, Aloe Vera extract. Thiamine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Niacinamide, Calcium D-Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochlo- ride, D-Biotin, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin.

    Direction of Use
    Consume 1 sachet daily after meal

    Storage direction
    Store in cool and dry places

    Keep out of reach of children

  • Glutax 2800000GP

    Product details


    4 ale 10ml

    Skin Cellular Regene Complex I 9800mg

    Multivitamin, Ferric gluconate, Kola,

    Ginseng, Vinitrox, Vinoseed, Amino acid Complex,

    Essential Enzymes, Riboavin, Thiamine,

    Isonicotinate, Hypericin


    4 ale 5ml

    Skin Cellular Regene Complex II 6300mg

    B1 Complex

    Vitamin A

    Potassium Gluconate


    Superoxide Dismutase

    Organo-Therapeutic extracts of liver

    Organo-Therapeutic extracts of Umbilical cord




    4 ale 2ml

    Skin Cellular Regene Complex III 1530mg

    Opotherapic Embryonic extracts

    Opotherapic Thymus gland extracts

    Opotherapic Placental tissue extracts

    Opotherapic Liver extracts


    4 aconcini

    DualNA Bio 4-MSK 3600mg

    DualNA Milk Thistle Extract 5500mg


    4 aconcini di

    DualNA Glutokines 280000g

    (Micro RNA GSH + Energy Active Cytokines)

    DualNA Acido Alfa Lipoico 2300mg

    DualNA Epidermal Growth Factor 5000mg

  • Glutax 1800000GS EUF PN

    Product details


    EUF PN vitamin c 180gm

    EUF PN collagen 180gm

    EUF PN Polynucleotides 3000mg

    Acetin acetylcysteine 600mg

    NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide 18mg

    PDRN Coenzyme Q10-18mg

  • Glutax 8000000GS 2nd Evolved Prestige Pico Stem Cell Absorption

    Product details


    4 fiaconcini di

    Prestige Pico Multi Plant Peptide 59500mg

    Prestige Pico Plant Stem Cell 3000mg

    Prestige Acido Alfa Lipoico 7000mg


    4 fiaconcini di

    Prestige Pico Glutathione S-transferases 8000000g

    Prestige Pico Marine Phytoplankton 180000mg

    Prestige Pico Hydro SC

    Peptide (Cartilage Extract)34500mg

    Prestige Pico Epidermal Growth Factor 8200mg


    4 fiale di 10ml

    Prestige Pico DNA White Elements 30000mg

    Prestige Pico Marine-D3 7000mg

    Prestige Pico Selenio 6600mg


    4 fiale di 5ml

    Prestige Pico Natural Collagen Tetrapeptide 500000mg

    Prestige Pico Mineals Multivitamins 98000mg

    Prestige Pico FGF PDRN DNA 2.6g


    4 fiale di 2ml

    Prestige Pico Life Cell 3000mg

    Prestige Pico Vitamin D&E 2250mg

    Prestige Pico Hyaluronic Element 5000mg


  • Glutax 1800000GS Pico Cell Absorption Soft Gel

    Product details


    miRNA Multivitaminico 15000mg

    miRNA Collagene Naturale 8000mg

    miRNA Selenio 3300mg


    miRNA White Elements 2500mg

    E-UF Vitamin C 18g

    E-UF Collagen PN 18g

    FGF PDRN DNA 1.8g


    miRNA Recombined Stem Cell 755mg

    – Grape Stem Cell

    – Apple Stem Cell

    – Argan Fruit Stem Cell

    – Rose Placenta Extract


    miRNA Oxygenox Q10 920mg

    miRNA Glutokines 1800000g

    (Micro RNA GSH + Energy Active Cytokines)

    miRNA Acido Alfa Lipoico 2300mg

    miRNA Epidermal Growth Factor 5000mg

    miRNA Acido Cogico 2400mg>


  • Glutax 1800000GS HA50

    Product details

    1 Siringa di 3.2ml
    Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid 24mg/ml
    Lidocaine Hydrochloride 3mg/ml
    Phosphate Buffered Saline Ph7.0 q.s.

  • Glutax 75GX DCRP 750000 Capsule – DNA Cell Revitalize Process

    Product details

    60’s Softgel Composizione
    TriStem Complex 750,000mg
    (Swiss Apple Stem Cell; Alp Rose Stem Cell;
    Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract)
    Tripeptide10 Citrulline 6,000mg
    Tripeptide-1 3,350mg
    Pseudoalteromonas Fermented Extract 600mcg
    Hexapeptide-37 1,200mg
    Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract 550mg
    Liposomic Hyaluronic Acid 700mg
    Total Mineral Elements 3,000mg
    EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) 100mg
    R-Lipoic Acid 2,000mg
    Antioxidant Enzyme Complex 1,450mg
    (Superoxide Dismutase; Glutathione
    S-transferase; Maltodextrin)
    DNA Gluthatione 300,000mg



  • Glutax 7000000 GM

    Product details

    4 fiale di 20ml
    Pico Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex 25000mg
    Pico Marine Collagen Tri-Peptide 16000mg
    Pico Marine Minerals Multivitamins 35000mg

    4 flaconcini di
    Pico Marine Glutathione S-transferases 7000000g
    Pico Marine Phytoplankton 68000mg

    4 flaconcini di
    Pico DNA Marine White Elements 12000mg
    Pico Marine-D3 4300mg

    4 flaconcini di
    Pico Hydro MN Peptide (Marine Cartilage Extract) 13200mg

  • Glutax 2000000GX – DualNA Premium Recombined Cell

    Product details

    10 fiale di 5ml
    DNA & RNA Multivitaminico 250000mg
    DNA & RNA Collagene Naturale 12000mg
    DNA & RNA Selenio 5000mg

    10 fiale di 2ml
    DNA & RNA Premium Recombined
    Stem Cell 30000mg

    • -Premium Grape Stem Cell
    • -Premium Apple Stem Cell
    • -Premium Argan Fruit Stem Cell
    • -Premium Rose Stem Cell

    10 flaconcini di
    DNA & RNA Glutathione 2000000g
    DNA & RNA Ultra White Elements 6000mg
    DNA & RNA Epidermal Growth Factor 8000mg
    DNA & RNA ProEnzyme Q10 3700mg
    DNA & RNA PDRN Hyal 4800mg



  • Glutax 23000GK-DNA Glutokines

    Product details

    4 fiale di 10ml
    Multivitaminico 5000mg
    Collagene Naturale 2000mg
    Selenio 1800mg

    4 fiale di 5ml
    DNA Marine White Elements 1500mg
    4 fiale di 2ml
    DNA Vegetal Placenta 330mg

    4 flaconcini di
    Oxygenox (Oxygen Skin Supply) 920mg

    4 flaconcini di
    High Grade DNA Glutokines 23000g
    (DNA GSH + Energy Active Cytokines)
    Acido Alfa Lipoico 1800mg
    Epidermal Growth Factor 3200mg
    Acido Cogico 1200mg


  • Glutax 3600000GA – DualNA Alps-Cell Whitening

    Product details

    4 fiale di 10m
    lDNA/RNA Multivitaminico 200000mg
    DNA/RNA Collagene Naturale 15000mg
    DNA/RNA Selenio 8300mg

    4 fiale di 5ml
    DNA/RNA Alps-Plant White Element 7800mg

    4 fiale di 2ml
    DNA/RNA Alps-Bio-Plant Cell 5275mg

    4 flaconcini di
    DNA/RNA Alps-Sheep LyoCell 36000mg

    4 flaconcini di
    DNA/RNA Glutothione 3600000g
    DNA/RNA Acido Alfa Lipoico 9000mg
    DNA/RNA Epidermal Growth Factor 16500mg
    DNA/RNA Alps-Hydra Factor 6200mg


  • Glutax 75GS – Nano Pro Cell

    Product details

    10 fiale di 5ml
    L’acido ascobico 3500mg
    Collagene estratto 600mg
    Vitamin E 400mg
    Pro-Vitamin B3 500mg
    Pro-Vitamin B5 500mg

    10 fiale di 2ml
    Apple Stem Cell 285mg

    10 flaconcini di
    Glutathione Nano 75g
    Nano Acido alfa lipoico 500mg
    Epidermal Growth Factor 2000mg
    Kojic Acid 500mg



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